seo contentWriting adcopy, SEO, digital marketing and getting your business found on the internet are my top concerns. But I have found that when working with new clients often a new website construction is needed for a few different reasons. Sometimes a previous webmaster may have done Black Hat SEO techniques on your website that has gotten it penalized in the rankings.


This is always done with good intentions but, unfortunately, many of the SEO techniques that used to work a few years ago will now get you sandboxed or blacklisted with Google’s Penguin, Panda and other new algorithms in 2016.


Another big problem is websites that are not mobile friendly and easy to read on smartphones and tablets. According to the latest research in 2016, At least 56% of people are using mobile devices to browse the internet rather than desktop and laptop computers. This trend is only expected to continue so having a website that is functional, responsive and easy to use and read on a mobile device is more important than how flashy it looks on a desktop.

playa del carmen seo


Unfortunately, many website designers who have been around for a while are still focused on making flashy, fancy websites that make a good first impression but are bulky, slow, have poor SEO and do not work or look terrible on a mobile device. How pretty or fancy a website looks is not as important as making a professional impression with good adcopy and useful, high quality content. My focus, when designing a website, is on getting your customers to contact you or make a purchase. Here you will find a sample of some of the websites I have built or worked on for myself, clients and partners:


#1 spot on google for “playa del carmen bike rentals”
This site now gets 100-200 visitors a day.
#1 spot on Google for “playa del carmen seo” 
Other personal websites:
#1 spot on google for “playa del carmen personal trainers”
playa del carmen website designNew Website Full Package $600.00 USD
This package includes fully responsive mobile friendly website, Hosting for 1 year with all security, maintenance and software updates and secure hosting for $49. USD per year after that.  onsite SEO.
SEO/Digital Marketing Package 1 month $300.00 USD
This includes offsite link building, niche targeted keyword rich content and adcopy writing for onsite and offsite marketing.
Additional Services Available from me or my partners:
• Drone Videos, 360 Videos, Youtube Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Google Adwords Campaign
• Aged Domain Acquisition
• TripAdvisor
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